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Pricing for custom shirts varies from a basic design on our standard Vapor T to custom artwork and graphics on our high quality wicking shirts. Each customer is unique so please contact Laura at to discuss your specific needs. We strive to not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. Call  today! (716) 574-0540, or send an email. offers the following services:

  • Custom designs and layout
  • No quantity limitations
  • Personalization
  • Short and Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Mugs and Travel Mugs
  • Beverage Coozies
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles
  • Special Events and Regattas
  • Family/Crew/ Team events and vacations 
  • items for Private Boat Owners is always open to new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list, call Laura at and discuss the possibilities.


From Eric in Colorado:

They were PERFECT: so well made, so beautiful. They were everything we had hoped for such a special time, a very special reunion. Everyone loved them. Thank you so much Laura for doing them for us! In fact, they're almost TOO nice! Too nice to wear, you could almost frame them! The fabric is amazing. After you wear them, they make every other T-shirt in your bag seem very ordinary and not nearly as comfortable in that warm humid air. The white shirts did show the dirt more easily, but you're right, the graphics are INCREDIBLE and we got many complimentary comments about them. The ladies LOVED (more than they expected) their pink and blue shirts. And again you were right: the graphics don't POP quite as much, but those colors really are something, aren't they?


So the T-shirts were a HUGE hit. 

From the Catatonic  Crew
Laura, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the Kittytonic Pirate Hunters shirts were a huge hit.  Not only did they dry fast and give us sun protection (we took on a lot of water), but they became feared by all other dinghies in the poker run.  We were well trained (practiced on the river a few weeks) and well armed.  We even found that using ice cold cooler water was very effective in our water cannons.  We even had dinghies see us coming and they raised their white shorts in surrender!  

This was a day my kids will never forget and the shirts really made us a team!  We are going to need shirts for all future special events.  We'll come up with something cool for Cat Fight 2010!

I'm hoping that YachtShots got some good pictures of us.  It was too wet for me to take any pictures or video!
Thanks again!

and most recently:

"Those poker run microperformance shirts were a big hit and I lived in a couple of them on the delivery to Bermuda. 

From one of the crew of ArgyBargy
I love, love, love my shirt and coozies!!!!!! Thank you, thank you :-) 

From a customer who ordered custom shirts, mugs and coozies as a gift for a boat owner:
Hi Laura. 
Just wanted to let you know I’m back from up island trip w/ Rick.   He LOVED the stuff I took down to him. 
Thanks again for all your help.

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